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Blooming (for Grady)

We are born perfect,

open and trusting;

an unbruised petal.

But life can sear our minds,

savage our ears,

stab at our eyes,

and break our hearts.

Our skin is thickened;

a seed that holds our searching heart.


we are spat out by fire,

scattering us to the winds.


we trust ourselves to a grazing bird

to release us somewhere safe

to softly burrow in.

But sometimes

casual boots or cruel fingers

push us deep into unforgiving soil.

And there we wait,

with our relentless thoughts.

But if you let them wander

they will climb toward your truth,

to break new ground,

green and full of promise.

I see you rising and blooming my girl;

your skin shimmers with golden pollens,

your face opening to the sun.

But when the sun is absent

the stamens at your centre

are glowing filaments of light

in your budding space.

As you sit with yourself,

and a growing knowledge

that the sun has never really gone,

you can see the world anew,

like only those who have laboured can……


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Insane Celebrity

Boy George to Donald Trump,

Clowns to Presidents,

Philosophy and vision

eclipsed by narcissistic rant,

Swathes of population too selfish

to see the difference,

too hateful to care….

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You are my little sunshine

named for those we loved,

and your pure smile makes my heart soar,

and melts away a dreary day.

I hope you are always inclined

to clench your fists

and raise your arms in joy!!

with eyes that always see

the beauty in the world

above all sorrows;

and your heart always know

a peace and certainty,

in the triumph of a love

that will always surround you….

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For Pauline

You spread yourself large and warm

around those you love,

holding them close and free

in the hollow of your wing.

Then you hoist your love high above them,

strong as a mainsail

against all weather,

or cast it wide before them

silken and strong,

gathering all that is needed

at just the right time.

You are silk and linen,

cotton and canvas,

soft and strong,

embroidered like no other.

And you make us part of your tapestry

…….our Pauline.

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“The Lion’s Den”

You chose the space

to make your stand,

suited in your armour

of steely determination.

A room full

of pleasing pieces and textures,

and sheets waiting crisp and white.

The city lights

will twinkle through the glass

to remind you

you are still a part of this world…

…”that girl standing in the window”.

All is comfortable and calm…

enough to make you stay,

or keep you from leaving.

And there you will free your beast.

He leaps from the page

as you rip open the cover,

like an old wound;

to a guttural growl

of a million jumbled words.

But you will stare him down,

til the sound becomes perfect sense…

…afterall, you wrote his snarl

and his purr….

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“Secrets and Time”

I see you struggle

with the slippery creature

that is “time”,

feeling it pick your pockets

as you try to hold it still.

Yet though he is a thief,

he is a kind one,

for as I chased his retreating back

down the years,

he led me eventually to you.

And as we lie in the dark,

hands clasped in defiance of age,

I do not see the lines exacted by time,

only the gift

of love and joy in your eyes.

Our love is not

the selfish and impatient one of youth,

but a grateful and exultant one,

a gently rising passion that releases us

into peace and certainty.

So let time have his pound of flesh!

He cannot touch

the secret dreams and longings

kept pure and new

until now……

until us………


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My love was born

when she was,

pink and sudden,

and unfathomable as a new star.

But I stand before her pain

like a frightened child,

my love ridiculous

and crudely wrapped,


and ultimately useless.

I wait for the silent rebuff,

or the harsh rap across my soul,

stupidly forgetting

that love alone

is never enough.

My words

like caged lions,

destined to pace

roaring and toothless

in the spaces between us.

She cannot see her beauty

reflected in the frozen pool,

so I will give her a new name

where she Waits-by-the-River,

her true self running

just inches and time

below the surface of winter….


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