“Secrets and Time”

I see you struggle

with the slippery creature

that is “time”,

feeling it pick your pockets

as you try to hold it still.

Yet though he is a thief,

he is a kind one,

for as I chased his retreating back

down the years,

he led me eventually to you.

And as we lie in the dark,

hands clasped in defiance of age,

I do not see the lines exacted by time,

only the gift

of love and joy in your eyes.

Our love is not

the selfish and impatient one of youth,

but a grateful and exultant one,

a gently rising passion that releases us

into peace and certainty.

So let time have his pound of flesh!

He cannot touch

the secret dreams and longings

kept pure and new

until now……

until us………



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2 responses to ““Secrets and Time”

  1. A tender and triumphant piece of loveliness. So nice to see this in my reader this morning–thank you. Joy to you….

  2. Oh my goodness, this is a fine love poem. May I re-blog it?

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