My love was born

when she was,

pink and sudden,

and unfathomable as a new star.

But I stand before her pain

like a frightened child,

my love ridiculous

and crudely wrapped,


and ultimately useless.

I wait for the silent rebuff,

or the harsh rap across my soul,

stupidly forgetting

that love alone

is never enough.

My words

like caged lions,

destined to pace

roaring and toothless

in the spaces between us.

She cannot see her beauty

reflected in the frozen pool,

so I will give her a new name

where she Waits-by-the-River,

her true self running

just inches and time

below the surface of winter….



Filed under poetry

2 responses to ““Waits-By-The-River”

  1. Beautiful and powerful, Kaz. Thank you!

  2. Just brilliant! As a mother this really spoke to me.
    Lovely work. 🙂

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