“Little Lady”….(for Hilary)

You may be small

curled in your bed,

like a tiny sea-shell

rubbed small by sand and sea,

pink in translucent beauty

embedded now in the sandy shore

as life ebbs and flows around you

in inevitable tides of time.

But if I was to hold you to my ear

I would hear an oceanic roar,

of a lifetime lived

in all its joys and despairs,

peaks and troughs,

and the glittering calmness inbetween.

But even in your stillness

there is a quiet tenacity

to remain who you are;

a wonderful jewel of humanity

that has touched many shores…..


Filed under poetry

2 responses to ““Little Lady”….(for Hilary)

  1. Beautiful tribute. Especially love ” But if I was to hold you to my ear/I would hear an oceanic roar/of a lifetime lived….” and the stunning last line. Thank you. Xo

  2. well now you just know I had to like anything with an ocean analogy 🙂 well done!

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