“New Heart”

For a time…

my heart was torn,

by my own trusting blade

wielded by another’s careless hand.

I gathered it up to put it back,

but like a bird long-caged

it instinctively knew

it belonged to the sky.

Dragging its broken wing,

it preferred even the lowest branch

to its boney cage.

So it sat and watched the world

from its sheltered perch,

until my spirit finally joined

my brave and trembling heart

to shyly seek its lost song.

Then like birds of a feather

you found me in my hiding place,

and we sat companionably close

through the days and nights,

til we each spread our one good wing

and took to the sky

in delightful balanced flight….


Filed under poetry

7 responses to ““New Heart”

  1. I feel this way now. Thank you for giving me words and pictures for my journey.

  2. This is so beautiful and hopeful…

  3. Lovely. So happy for you. Thank you. Xo

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