Leibster Blog Award Nomination !

I have just been nominated by the lovely santahatchronicles (sirenatales.wordpress.com), for the Leibster Blog Award! I am so pleased and grateful…thankyou so much.

I must now answer these 10 random questions and I will try to be as honest as possible….hmm?

1. What is your favorite kitchen? Why?    I just cannot choose….I just love food! Though I do often crave some good Mexican!

2. What you hate most about people?  I hate bullies, and those that have fun at another’s expense….hate that!

3. Where would you travel first if money wouldn’t matter?   Before I went to France I would have said Paris, but now I have a big hankering to see Tuscany in Italy…..inspiring!

4.What is your favotite part of the day and why?  When I can make myself get up, I think it is the early morning when the sun is coming up. Walking then when the world is still relatively quiet is cleansing….a great way to start the day.

5.  Where would you like to live?  Probably by the sea, with a hilly hinterland….walking on the beach, winter or summer is soul soothing.

6.What is the funniest things you’ve ever done?   When I was a child my sister and I used to make ourselves laugh on purpose…we’d just start laughing until we were actually nearly wetting our pants! I guess we didn’t know it, but it was laughter therapy!

7.  Which movie is better than the book?   I don’t think that is possible…..they are such different experiences, but a movie tends to leave out so much. I prefer to get lost in my own imagination, and only a book allows you to do that.

8.  What is your favorite song? Why?   Oh gosh, this is a hard one…..”At Last” always moves me, but I tend to love most songs by my favorite artists, and there are so many, old and new!

9.What is the first thing on your bucket list?  I don’t think I have a bucket list, but I suppose travelling overseas with my new man would be brilliant!

10. Who is your favorite actor/actress?      I think Meryl Streep is brilliant….she can make you believe and feel everything she is portraying. I have favorite movies across every genre from “Love Actually” to original “Star Wars” and  everything inbetween!

And now I must nominate up to 11 other bloggers that I admire….so hard, so many!



A Word or Two



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5 responses to “Leibster Blog Award Nomination !

  1. Congratulations.an award you truly deserve

  2. Thankyou for taking the time to read my blog…..I always love reading yours! x

  3. Congrats on the award! I think I echo your answer to #5… sounds perfectly heavenly to me. I pretty much have that now, but not with the amount of seclusion I’d prefer.

    And thanks so much for the mention! You’ve got me blushing over here – I’m honored. 🙂

  4. hey congratulations, you know i love your words!

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