“Thankyou” (for Jeff)

There are no words,

honed and tumbled

inside a churning heart,

chafed beside unshed emotion.

My heart rests beside you,

spread honey-thin

with every touch,

running through your fingers

and warming your sheets.

‘Being’ and ‘receiving’

are my testaments to this peace,

yet troubled words,

like tiny ravenous creatures of habit

hover in the wings,

fed by one too used to disappointment.

I stubbornly ignore them,

and this stillness is my gratitude,

feeling the gentle tide of your kindness

smooth the ancient dimpled

surface of my pain,

to reveal the lost winged

centre of my heart.


Filed under poetry

2 responses to ““Thankyou” (for Jeff)

  1. This is rich and beautiful. Thank you. i’ve missed seeing your posts. xo

  2. Thankyou so much…..it’s been a busy holiday season! x

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