“The First Time”

The darkness and the drink

emboldens me,

to feel the unfamiliar contours

beneath my hand,

with blissfully familiar outcomes.

I trust a ‘stranger’

to have their way with me,

and to find their way around me,

in the blurred reality

that is the intersection

of night time and desire,

of  longing and loneliness,

amidst the murmuring

that soothes my soul.

And so my heart

trumps my head again,

all sense relegated

to poetic reasoning,

and I am fate’s fool

and your yearning,




Filed under poetry

5 responses to ““The First Time”

  1. The battle cry of an entire generation…

  2. This is so lovely – a really wonderful read

  3. Beautiful, vulnerable and honest. I’m adding my hope to yours….

  4. maiseylou

    That’s the way it is, yes,

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