“A Dogs Life”

Grizzled muzzle,

and the rocking gait

of old dogs and men,

carrying the weight

of seven times his natural years.

The sounds of this world

fading in his ears;

eyes seeing only memories silhouette.

The uncontained energy

of that younger one

with his mocking blue eye;

opportunity and daring

the realm of pups and children.

Yet with inspired quickness

he is chastised

in a mouthful of fur,

and reminded you are alpha still.

It takes all my strength

not to help him to his feet,

like the temptation to finish

a stutterers sentence.

But who am I to deny him

the dignity of final effort;

the macabre solace of just moving

from here to there,



eating again,



but then sleeping,

not waking,

free of the heavy hand

of gravity and appetite,

wandering weightless,

coat shining,

eyes seeing and seeing,

ears hearing unchartered sounds….

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