One Lovely Blogger Award

I have just been nominated for the “One Lovely Blogger Award” by    Thankyou so much for the accolade…….I just love your writing too!

I must now think of seven random things about myself….umm

1. My two beautiful children are the loves of my life

2.I eat chocolate every day

3.I always stop to smell the roses…literally!

4.I am 56, but really age is just a number right!

5.I want to see all the beautiful places of the world…big wishlist

6.I love opp-shopping

7.I love Christmas time!

And I must nominate some of my favorite bloggers… hard, so many!

1. leejaye



4 .A word or two


6.Betty Hayes Albright



9.Poetry and Musings



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2 responses to “One Lovely Blogger Award

  1. congratulations so much on your nomination! and thankyou so much for your mention of me, i am so very glad my words connect somewhere in the ether!

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