“A Long Voyage in a Small Boat”

I am on a long voyage

in a small boat.

Sometimes it has galleon sails

and sometimes there is just

a sad and single oar,

and sometimes it drifts unmanned

as I lie in its bottom

imploring the sky.

At times I have woken

to find another manning the helm,

taking me to unplanned

and fearfully exotic places,

to merely wash me ashore

and leave me unmapped

to sail out against the tide.

The care-worn holes

of shipwrecked times

are now windows to depths

I may never have known.

Battle-born barnacles

armour my hull,

and gowns of seaweed

trail behind me,

a patchwork of terrible

and beauteous lace.

Through it all

there is the same veil of sky

above me,

the same cradle of sea below,

the same embracing sun,

the same dark mystery of moon,

the same companionable creatures,

the same rocking wind.

And when my grand children ask,

“what did you do?”

I will tell them

I went on a very long voyage

in a very small boat,

and I was the captain,

and my heart was my compass….


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12 responses to ““A Long Voyage in a Small Boat”

  1. oh, this one is wonderful! great write!

  2. Gorgeous poem! – I love: ‘Battle-born barnacles /armour my hull/ and gowns of seaweed / trail behind me …’ but it is all quite amazing. One of those poems I would love to have written myself. 🙂

  3. PS I just had to tweet this – I hope you don’t mind 🙂

    • Of course I don’t mind! : ) Thankyou so much for your kind words….I’m so glad you liked it….It is such high praise coming from such a wonderful poet as yourself….Thanks Anne!.

      • I noticed a couple of friends had favourited your poem – it’s beautiful.
        (I just scribble things down, not sure I could ever sustain a metaphor as beautifully as you seem to do, and make it look so effortless too – but thank you for the kind compliment.)

  4. Ooooo, this is magnificent. Beautiful, evocative, rich….I admire your sensitivity and craftsmanship. Xo

  5. This is magnificent Kaz…worth sharing broadly!

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