“The New World”

He was just the last

of a significant few,

that silently under-mined

the fabric of my world.

He knew the lay of the land,

and I tumbled

through a wishful moment.

I tried to fill the caverns

with meagre spoonfuls of hope,

but I fell

between his practised fingers

into honey-combed cenotes

of dreadful beauty.

Plunged into its silent depths

I floated amidst the razor-softness

of blind love,

amongst seductive shoals

of formless promise

that swam mercilessly

between my legs,

nudging my willing flesh,

flowering into startling bruises,

blooming across sleeping skin,

pressing with an orgasmic ache.

My lessons suspended above me,

cemented in my history,

hanging over my head

like a hundred poised swords.

I could only wait,

clinging to the granite edges

of a broken heart,

following the fault lines

back to forgotten beginnings,

caressing them into gold,

watching the inevitable shafts of light

fill the lost world

to reveal a challenging,

uncomfortable beauty

that I must make my home…..


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