“Would You Rather…”

Would you rather not feel

the reverberation of a plucked string,

be amazed by the flurry of fingers

as each note resounds through your veins,

than merely surrender

to the androgynous hum of an electronic chord,

lulling your senses at the press of a button?

Did you miss the morning song of the magpie,

or the twilight pipes of the cricket,

while you listened to nature’s compilation through your i-pod,

the plastic stopping your ears?

Didn’t you exchange

the shared human twinkle of an eye

as you passed a stranger on the street,

your vulnerable gaze

tucked away behind your shades?

Wouldn’t you rather trace with your finger

the words of a song

across an album clutched in your hand,

and your heart,

than miss the joy of commonality they bring

when you merely downloaded it all?

Would you give up

the treasure of a letter kept forever,

full of words so deeply considered,

for the convenience of an e-mail,

or the acronyms of a text?

Or am I way too sentimental,

and somehow missing the point?

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