“Then and Now”

You have walked back and retrieved me,

from beside some long-ago road.

And with these eyes I see beyond

what you think you’ve lost to ageing.

I see with two pairs of eyes;

the ones that thought they could see forever,

and the ones that have learned

to appreciate the beauty that sits before them.

I know you with two hearts;

the one that thought love could never die,

and the one that understands

the heart is renewed with every kind word,

and every sincere touch;

it seems the heart lives apart from sorrow,

on its own quest for love.

So here we sit beside ourselves of then and now,

and beside eachother

in relative ease,

like a gentle sigh of gratitude that says,

“I’m glad I still know you.”

Our paths were different,

yet somehow the same,

both only hoping to be wiser and kinder.

For love has turned out to be

a far different creature than we thought.

And I for one am more inclined

to appreciate its gentle meanderings;

to close my eyes,

and feel its softness brush against me,

trusting it will stay

beside a trusting heart….


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2 responses to ““Then and Now”

  1. A lot of truth in this poem 🙂
    It’s beautiful, and I feel like it could touch everyone’s hearts in some way or other.
    Beautiful 🙂

  2. Gentle nostalgia. I’m really feeling this; thanks for sharing.

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