“The Way” (a song)

Sometimes I think I never chose

the way my life would go;

it just seemed to fall around me

like some fateful cosmic cloak.

But could you give up all you love

for a life you’ve never known?

I watch the planes fly in the sunset

and wonder should I go,

or heed the words of wiser men than me.

Sometimes I think I’ll stay

and learn the way before I go;

and sometimes life’s so crazy

it passes me by still !

I want to write my own life,

change the words,

rewrite the end,

or just read again the best parts

as if they were a friend.

Some people like to live alone,

prove their worth with all they’ve done;

don’t know what it is their craving,

until it’s truly gone.

When we lie awake at night,

with no excuses, no reprieve,

it’s just those we love, who love us too

that help us into sleep…


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