“Leap of the heart” (a song)

Time turns back upon itself;

a path can have so many ends.

It leads us blindly down,

but it’s one where we are friends.

If I could change all my wrongs to right,

do all I couldn’t do,

all my mistakes erased,

but would that lead to you?

I can’t make sense

of what’s not mine,

stand above and see it all;

make it fit my need for peace,

or see just where I might fall.

But in those moments in the night

when I’m free

to stand outside my head,

I don’t chase down any reasons

when I float free upon your bed.

Nothing ever stays the same,

our lives unravelling like twine.

I would try and make it stronger,

I would tie yours up to mine.

Where are the hard-won lessons

that teach you not to care;

I’ve learned nothing so it seems

when I care more than I can bear.

So be gentle with a heart

that’s broken once and yet again;

it trusts more than it should,

and loves more than is sane.

Can’t help but risk my heart,

can’t help but give it all.

So here’s to those who’d rather leap,

to take a chance and maybe fall…

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