“Falling” (a song)

I fall through your gaps like silver,

clutching the hand of time;

I could fill your empty spaces,

or be lost to the wind like rain.

The ground rushes up to meet me,

but I just close my eyes;

You calm my soul,

you stir my heart;

tie me up and walk me away.

If you go,

you won’t ever hear it,

because I’ll fall without a whisper,

I’ll break without a sound.

My wings will fail,

my ‘chute deploy,

and I’ll land in a pile of silk

and your tangled explanations.

I’ll close my eyes sleep-walking,

feel my way like I did before.

Maybe I’ll live by the ocean,

sit quietly by the sea;

it calms my soul,

it stirs my heart;

driftwood and footprints,

shipwrecks and me…

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