My Ocean,My Love

You’re the ocean that soothes me,

calls me,

beckons and enthralls me.

I walk out willingly

until you’re over my head;

to let you pull me under

and blissfully drown me.

Tumbling in your unknown depths,

you hold me there

in your changing currents.

Where once I floated,

I now sink…

Our end sees me gasping

to find our new beginning;

a way back to shore,

where I can sit beside you again.

But finally you wash me up

and quietly ebb away.

So I sit on the shore

and build my castles of sand,

then watch your returning tide

gently erode them,

while I paddle in your shallows.

Sometimes I imagine

the mermaid’s irridescent silver

surely rolling with you in your deep;

so full of the magic and beauty

that I don’t possess.

And my tears fall again

to merge with your ocean.

So I will live by the sea my love,

forever to pretend

that I am just your friend…

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One response to “My Ocean,My Love

  1. This was so sad, but so beautifully and uniquely expressed. I just want to read it over and over again. I’m so glad I stumbled upon this gem. Xx Lily

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