Heaven’s Echo

The meek perfection
of every flower
should be honoured
with a word,
some small testimony
to its artless beauty,
though clumsily captured
by my pen.
The unutterable blue
of the summer sky,
should grace the canvass
of some greater artist.
A waterfall
should not tumble
lest its sound
be caught in a song;
no forest whisper
lest it be echoed
across waiting strings.
Just as sometimes
the best of humanity
is perfectly reflected
in a tear;
so love is a taste of ecstasy,
the purest expression
of freedom.
To lose yourself
in a glimpse of nirvana,
then wonder at its existence.
Oh for that moment
when you would trade
all ambition,
as you stand transfixed
on top of a mountain,
in the midst of a forest,
where the sand
meets the sea,
or when your flesh
sings at his touch.
The surprising relief
when someone else
means more than yourself…

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